Test your declarer play

After a Jacoby 2NT sequence you get to show your skills as declarer since you ends up in 4♠.

You receive a club in lead, east playing the ace. A spade next was taken by the ace, another spade came next to your king.

The board is from a IMP scoring teamgame so your only mission is to land 10 tricks, how can you make the most of your chances?

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  1. You need to find a safe-play in hearts.

    If the king are onside, you can afford to drop a trick to the king, since we can discard a diamond at the queen.

    I would play heart to the ace, a club to the king and a heart to the queen.

    If this make I would reenter south in spades and play another heart to the jack.

    If west holds the king of heart I can discard my diamond on hearts. If east have the king I make my contract if the east holds 1, 2 or 3 hearts! (king drop under the ace if sincleton nad endplayed with Kx og Kxx).

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