Suit-preference signal , squeeze and guessing!

Who would think, just another suit-preference signal came up as defender!

After a competitive bidding sequence south found himself as declarer. It is easy to spot the best defense by looking at all cards, the ace of diamonds AKQ of hearts and a spade should be a possible task…. or can the declarer make 9 tricks against any defense?

A club was lead won by North’s 10, east playing the 2. Next came the 10 of diamonds to the ace.

West noticed the 2 of clubs and 2 of diamonds from east and took them as preference for hearts. He could read south to hold or 4 hearts since east would bid 2♥ holding a 4-card suit. It could be critical to cash the hearts before declarer could discard north’s hearts on his diamonds.

West played a heart to the king and the defense now cashed their hearts. West took a long view of the position. If east were placed with the king of spades and south had KQxx of diamonds it would end with a squeeze by returning a club. South would play K Q of diamonds before running the clubs.

The position would come down to this as north  play the king of clubs.

Poor east are trapped guarding both the diamonds and the king of spades.

The only chance was to put south on the test by returning a spade at once. Hoping the take-out double would tempt declarer to play the queen.

South gave it a good thought. Why this defense? If west had the king of spades he was safe returning a club, or could it be he was 4-4-4-1 and were kind of end played?

South came up with the right move when he asked for a low spade from dummy.

A hand filled with carding, thinking and logical play!

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