Nils Kvangraven – Handling the trumps 5-0 at grandslam

This hand came up in the Norwegian Premier League back in 2014. The hero was the writers’ editor, Nils Kvangraven. Nils has won several national championships and played on the national team. He is a European champion and a devoted writer.

Nils and his partner, Terje Lie, did well to reach 7♦ on these cards. It is a solid contract that make on most layouts.

The defense started with the eight of hearts to the queen and ace. Next came the queen of diamonds discovering the bad split when east discarded a heart.

Club to the queen were followed by the king of hearts and a club to the king. The ace of club took the next trick, discarding a spade from dummy.

Next move were the jack of clubs, west putting in the nine of diamonds won by the jack from north.

The position looked like this:

A spade to the ace was followed by the jack of hearts and poor west was trapped. At the table he ruffed, over ruffed by north. Next came th e king of diamonds, spade to ruff and the ace of diamonds making all 13 tricks and the contract.

It might seem like west would do better to discard spade when south play the clubs. But this does not help. Declarer knows the cards and can just grab his ace of spades in time and continue with clubs. West has to ruff in the 4-card ending, north overruff.

It will leave this position:

With north to play the solution is to ruff the ten of spades with the ACE, west has to underruff. Next a diamond do the finesse of west holding 10 6 in front of North’s K 8.


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