Use the bidding to find your way as declarer

South ended up in 5♣ with the bidding giving valuable information. West told about 5-5 in the majors and east pushed with his 4♥.

The lead was the king of heart, the next heart was ruffed by south. Ace and king of clubs cleared the opponents trump, east discarded a heart.

South had a pretty good count of the cards. West showing 5-5 in the majors and following club twice. This leave only one diamond, or maybe none if holding 6-5 in the majors.

So how do you combine your chances to make this contract?

At the table south played a diamond to the ace (west followed with the 10). The plan was to endplay west with king, ace then 10 of spades and just discard a diamond from hand. If west holds Q J in spades he now have to play a spade or a heart back for ruff and discard so the declarer ends up with 11 tricks.

But when east turned up with the jack on the third round of spades south was in trouble. He had to ruff and now he was lost when the diamonds turned out 4-1 and east QJ9 did make 2 tricks.

So how could south have used the information coming up with a stronger line of play?

What about eliminate the spades. Now declarer has reached this position:

South play a club to north and a low diamond back. If east play low you just play the 8. If west win the trick he is end played and have to give you a ruff & discard!

If east play high, you simply play low from hand. Now he too is end played if west have a higher diamond than the 8. As the cards lay the position is this:

If east returns jack or 9 north grab the ace and then finesse with the K 8 in south hand! If east try the 7 south simply play the 8 for making!


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