A funny endposition

South became declarer of 3NT at this board from a bridgeclub in Kristiansand.

The great Norwegian champion Tom Høiland were east and his partner started the defense with the 10 of hearts that were allowed to win the first trick.

Next came another heart won by the ace. The king of clubs made the third trick before Tom had to show his ace on the queen of clubs. Tom played a third round of hearts to dummies king.

Declarer should have played a diamond at this point, but made a mistake and grabed his clubs. The position with north to play became like this


The diamond went to Toms Ace and now he as a bit end played……

Tom found the way to beat the contract and just played the QUEEN of spades. Then north had to play from 4 2 in spades up to Toms E 3.

Tom Høiland (1963) is a Norwegian champion bridge player from the city of Kristiansand. He has played at the Norwegian open team in both European- and Nordic Championship. Among his great achievements his two goldmedals from the Norwegian national Pairs are highly respected.

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